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Carol-Jeanette Jorgensen- Has spent the past years as a part of the management team of several businesses and charitable organizations.  She focuses upon the financial aspects of operations and in this capacity has produced and executive produced several media projects and award winning films.  Most recently, she has been active as lead development producer for several features working closely with distributors and co-production companies to maximize the artistic and financial returns for Third Floor's partners.
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Alexander Brodzki – Alex is a graduate of Ryerson University (Toronto) and the American Film Institute Conservatory.  He has worked as a Producer and Executive Producer on numerous short films, documentaries, commercials and industrial projects for a variety of diverse government, commercial and non-profit clients.  Alex recently produced a feature length drama in Los Angeles with award winning director which is currently enjoying critical acclaim and a wide release on the film festival circuit.  Alex is a resident of Los Angeles.
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Jon Jorgensen – Jon is a graduate of Iona University (New York) and the American Film Institute Conservatory with credits that include several feature films, award winning shorts, music videos and commercials.  Active as a Director, Producer and Editor, Jon started his career in New York before moving to Los Angeles in 2009.  Jon’s recent projects include an art installation, several web-based new media projects and a webisode series.  
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Jason Subbie - Early in Jason's career he attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York). Jason continued his studies at Rutgers University (New Jersey) where he earned two degrees in Theater and English Literature, writing several plays and short films during the interim.  Some of Jason's recent projects include short films, web shorts, and is currently working on his first children's book.
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Rickard Jorgensen - Rickard is an investor and executive producer in various Third Floor projects.  However, he appreciate artistic endeavors and he has written and co-written several short and features screenplays.
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